Obsession: The Beginning

My name is Kadee Carlisle and I’m the protagonist in Circle of Betrayal. My creator stuck me in an awful situation. I knew she was interested in the evolution of obsessive love, how love and hate merge and how love can turn to murder. Of course, I knew that. She told me. And I knew it would be a difficult journey, but I had no idea the obstacles I would have to endure.

I became a victim of my own emotions. Trust me, you never want to find yourself in the throes of obsession. Ever.

I always saw myself as a strong, independent woman. In a million years I never would have thought I would find myself obsessed with a man. But there was just something about Noah Donovan.

Well…I can’t get into specifics here. My creator would kill me. She’s giving me that stare right now, that don’t say more Kadee, you’ll spoil the story for our readers, stare.

But…by the way, I have a ‘but’ for everything. I’m never satisfied with black and white answers; I enjoy dissecting all of my feelings. You’ll get to read all about my inner thoughts; my mind is a busy place. You’ll see exactly what it was like for me when I found myself in this horrible love - hate situation with Noah. I thought of killing him too. And I may have, but I can’t tell you that. Of course, I can’t tell you that.

Anyway, I wanted to introduce myself. I know someone else, someone who is causing me some problems, will eventually get some blog time. That pisses me off, but I figured I’d take advantage of the time I had. Here is an excerpt from Circle of Betrayal. It was at the peak of my obsession with Noah after I caught him doing something that violated our trust. That man ripped my heart right out of my chest. Over and over.

Circle of Betrayal: “Kadee sat down and pushed her hand down hard on her heart to try to get it to stop beating so fast. She put her cigarette out and quickly lit up another one. Her world felt so small. Before Noah, she had a life, a full life, one where she had interests and passions, a sense of meaning. Now her world had shrunk, a tunnel where the only thing driving her interest and passion was him. She wanted to stop, rewind, and go back to her former life, her former self, but she felt like she couldn’t. She didn’t know how. Her life existed in this new awful place, her own private hell.”

See what I mean: awful. And…this is only the beginning. There is a lot more to the story. I will write some more soon. When I can. My creator is working on the third book of the series. And things…well…they are really complicated right now. And stressful. Hopefully, I will be able to get out of the mess I’m in.

I’ll try to check back soon.