Circle of Trust (Close Enough to Kill Series - Book Two)

Circle of Trust, the second book in my Close Enough to Kill Series, is scheduled to be released this May.  It was not easy to write the synopsis. I didn't want to spoil the twists in Circle of Betrayal, especially the ending. There are also loads of twists and surprises in this second book which I didn't want to give away. 

There is a love story, a tragic one, woven into the plot of Circle of Trust, which like Circle of Betrayal is a character-driven psychological thriller. During the re-writes it was painful at times - the tragic-ness. I formed a loving attachment toward Jacob Temple, the murder victim in this book. As his life unfolded through the narrative, mostly in flashbacks, I felt genuine grief. I think many people will love him too. Unlike Noah Donovan (the murder victim in Circle of Betrayal), I believe Jacob Temple is a sympathetic character: one who is flawed - like all of us - and easy to relate to.  He's made mistakes and he pays heavily. Unfortunately. 

Meanwhile in Murderville. The downright malevolence, wickedness, the piercing venom and skewed psychology of the murderer(s) was shocking, disturbing. At times, even personally alarming. As my fingers hit the keyboard I could not believe the utter audacity. In the mind of some murderers their killing is justified, even warranted. Talk about entitlement. 

In the words of Yvonne Tracy: "Anyhoo, it is...fiction. Right? Right."

I will post more details about the release as it gets closer. Thank you to all of my readers. Your interest and feedback is priceless.  

Circle of Trust

A gruesome murder…

Radio psychologist Jacob Temple is found dead on the floor of his den. A gaping wound in his neck, lacerations crisscrossing his chest, a fork bored into each eye. 

No break-in. No evidence.

Everyone has secrets…

A grieving widow, a traumatized neighbor, a skittish producer, a man with a vendetta and an obsessed former lover. Each with a different story. Which version is the truth?

Still reeling from her boyfriend Noah’s murder, Kadee Carlisle works alongside Detectives Poole and Gibbs to unravel the facts behind Jacob Temple’s life and death. As time ticks away, Kadee struggles to reconcile her conflicted feelings about her own past—and present—and their ominous parallels to the Temple case.

When the circle of trust is broken... 

A hunt for a killer. A plan for vengeance. A tragic love story. An unflinching look into the mind of a murderer. Piercing the thorny line between facts and deception, passion and obsession, this torrid thriller illustrates one important thing: Sometimes the closer you are to the truth, the harder it is to see.  

Coming May 2016