A Teaser

Here is a brief excerpt from the book I am currently writing: a romantic-suspense about Olivia, a woman torn between two men, one from her past, the other in her present. As her heart breaks, so does mine; as she is surprised by her choices, so am I.

He took her hand, weaved his fingers through. “I know you’re scared and that’s exactly how you should feel.”

Tears rolled down her cheeks. “I need to pull myself together before we get there. I need to be strong.”

“You are strong.”

“I don’t feel very strong.”

“Having an emotional reaction to a devastating experience isn’t a weakness. It’s called being human. You, Liv, are a strong woman. I know you will make it through this. Cry if you feel like crying, scream if you feel like screaming, break something, throw something. Do whatever you have to do to get the feelings out. Acting normal in this situation would be abnormal. Right?”

She gave a small, sad smile through her tears. “Yes.”

The sky opened up and released a heavy rain. Huge drops of water hit the windshield, thumping like a steady pound on a bass drum. Adam flicked the wipers on. They moved quickly back and forth, click, click; click, click.

She watched the rain land and then be wiped away. More huge drops fell, only to be swiftly eliminated. It was the constant ebb and flow of life, manifesting on the windshield: something developed, existed briefly, ephemerally, only to be gone in a smear. The cadence of the hammering water, mixed with the click of the wipers, felt hypnotic, as she tried to avoid the reality of what she was going home to. She watched this process of birth and death on the windshield, almost numb, until Adam pulled up at her parents’ house.