Quotes with Friends

I love words. I suppose it’s no big surprise: I am a writer. Writers love words. We love stringing words together in unique and creative ways, making beautiful sentences that have a flow, a rhythm, a dance. Brush strokes with words.

I love quotes from other people too. I have always loved quotes. I collect them as a matter of fact; have been collecting them since college. Some of them resonate so deeply they bring me to tears, some are inspirational, life philosophies, some funny and some such an exquisite use of language, I write them down just to enjoy their elegance.

My husband often jokes when he sees me reading: “You always read with a pen!” Yes. I do. I often have a pen in hand while reading. This way I can underline, make notes and jot down quotes that move me.

I wanted to extend my collection this year. So I asked friends to share their personal quotes with me. Most people have a string of words sitting in their head, a mantra, a philosophy, something that defines the way they see the world. I asked people to share their quotes with me for today’s blog entry: Quotes with Friends.

I hope you find something that inspires you, or resonates, something that makes you go, Umm Hmm, and/or something that makes you laugh.

I hope you enjoy these quotes as much as I do.

That which does not kill us often makes us wish it had.
- Jason Dias

Resiliency is the hope for a better future. - Constance Kellogg

Don't die, until you're dead. - Michael Moats

Life doesn't have to feel good to be good. – Michael Moats

Get off of your dead and on to your livin'! - Jess Moats

…the elite stratification of vulgar values. ~Michael J. Motta

The Dalai Lama is inspirational, but he'd be much more inspirational if he did what he did with three kids in tow. - Sonia Neale, author of The Bad Mothers Revenge

The difference between fantasy and reality, is courage. – Philip Rosenberg

The problem is not that we are SELFISH. The problem is that our concept of our SELF is far too small and limited. – John Gingras

Every decision involves motive and objective. Ask yourself why am I doing this and what do I hope to accomplish. – Patt

We’re really endless in a way. If time goes on forever, then any way you divide it is also forever. A tenth of infinity is infinity. It’s only us that think the time is gone. It isn’t. We’re still there.
Jason Dias: The Girlfriend Project

We are each and everyone one of us human beings on this beautiful planet we call earth. Not one is better than or less than the other. We are here to love and to be loved and to help each other. - Bet Pollock Myers

If you want to understand people do not pay any mind to the content of their story, pay all your attention to the process of their story. - Jen Colleen

Hurting will weaken you. Suffering will strengthen you. Life will harden you. And all will balance you. - Francesca Ginestra Duardo

Give good vibes out and you will get them in return. – Gina Jorge Valentin

With awareness comes choice and responsibility, this is freedom of the simplest and most empowering kind.
-Shelley Lynn Pizzuto

There is no greater threat to humanity than to believe oneself as contained.
-Shelley Lynn Pizzuto


Memories fade, knowledge lasts forever. – Ellen Neville

It's on God's time, not mine. – Lourdes Davila

Sometimes the truth isn’t obvious; sometimes it exists in the silence, in the emptiness between the spaces, but we’re too afraid to hear it.
- Jacqueline Simon Gunn, Circle of Betrayal